What Does it Mean to be Successful, And How to Get There.

Becoming successful is something everyone strives to do. It is the ultimate goal of our society; to achieve success. But what does it actually mean? And how do you know when you get there?

Success comes in many different shapes and sizes influenced by a variety of external factors. These are culture, family and education level. These influence how our values and beliefs are formed, and what they are. Now here is the most important factor when defining success. What you think as success is simply a manifestation of your inner beliefs and your core values.

When someone says that having a million dollars, a Ferrari and a beautiful wife is what success truly means, this only reflects their inner values. In this example, they are: attaining power and status whilst having lots of pleasures.

There’s nothing wrong with this, you can do this if you enjoy it. But this is not the only path to success, and this is where so many get caught up.

They think that a certain level of success isn’t attainable, so they stress and get depressed. But the truth is that all you have to do is change your values and definitions of what success means. Many people have values that are passed on to them, so ingrained into them that they think it’s their own.

Most of your values are conditioned into you, and you think they’re real. Some have come to realize this, but many still follow it dogmatically. Try to find in yourself what your true values are, what you really believe in. Don’t just believe in something because the alternative may cause other people to judge you, think bad of you or talk about you – make sure you agree with it.

Then happiness comes easier, and success comes easier. You are now spending all your energy living your values, rather then spending half hiding some values and the other half in trying to live it.

This is what splits great from mediocre. The focus is on one goal, rather than on something that you think you should do. Many come to realize this too late, and have mid life crises. They feel like something is off. They have everything yet they’re not happy. It’s because they’re values are false. They don’t truly agree with it, holding conflicting beliefs deep down inside.

So be wary of this within yourself. Make sure that before you embark on a journey, know where you want to go, not where everyone else is going. It may be right for them, but it isn’t necessary for you.

Personally, for me, success is simply the freedom to do what I want to do whenever I want to do it. It means right now being able to travel anywhere in the world that I want to, without any form of restrictions. This means that I don’t have to worry about taking leave, or having to save up, I can just get up and go. This is true success for me. I don’t need to have a Bugatti or a mansion. In fact, those things can be a hindrance to my values, which is freedom. No mortgages, no car repayments.

But this is only true for me. I have many friends who don’t see the value of traveling and seeing the world. They’re very happy just living in a nice house and going to work that they enjoy. That is also success.

So find something that aligns with your value, and you’ll know once you get there.

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