Traffic Generation Academy

Welcome to this brand new course on generating blog traffic. Learn our two part traffic generation strategy to building up a loyal audience so you can finally turn your blog into a thriving business. Stop implementing tactics that are a waste of time and watch us show you how to do it properly.

Introduction To The Academy

Before you start the course, watch this quick intro video where I explain our
traffic strategy and the 2 part system. It's important that you apply these strategies
in the right way to avoid spending valuable time doing low return strategies.

Launch Traffic

Building Relationships

This is the difference between a blog that builds traffic fast and one that's frustratingly slow. Learn how to leverage other already popular blogs to send traffic your way.

Social News Sites

Get your blog, brand and name out to the world fast by utilising social news sites. They are responsible for viral traffic and inside you learn how to do get viral traffic yourself.

Guest Posting

In this video we show you the strategies to getting an article on another popular blog. This gets your blog out and redirects their traffic back to you.

Facebook Growth Hacks

In this video we share 3 simple strategies to maximising traffic from Facebook. Build a big fan base and direct traffic back to your site through Facebook.

Long Term

Create Killer Content

The biggest difference between a blog with a lot of traffic and one that doesn't is the quality of their content. Learn how to write killer content that will keep people coming back.

Social Media Presence

Here we show you how to set up your blog on social media. From finding the best one for your particular niche to how to maximise your reach, we show you everything in this lesson.


Infographics are a powerful way to bring in viral and constant traffic, and makes you stand out from the other blogs out there. Here we show you how to make one and get it shared.

Forum Marketing

Forums are a great way to learn, share value whilst at the same time directing the traffic there back to your blog. Know where to find the best forums for you and how to utilise them.

Repurpose Articles

Not only can you post articles in word form, you can repurpose them into various media types to extend it's reach out to even more people.